Fast Water Fishing on River Kymi

Do you want to learn how to catch salmonids from fast waters?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman our guides can teach you how to concentrate your fishing to the right parts of the river. This way you will avoid spending time fishing water where you will have very small chances in catching fish. The vast experience of our guides in fishing the River Kymi guarantees you an improved chance in catching fish from the fast waters of river. 

River Kymi is one of the most beautiful and accessible salmon rivers in Finland. Why would you drive hundreds or thousands of kilometers when you can fish for salmon on the Southern Finland's best salmon river, Kymi?

Contact Kymi Fishing and come to fish for salmonids at the fishy rapids of River Kymi.

Other available services such as catering and accomodation can be added to the fishing package.

Availability According to Arrangement (spawning preservation time of 
salmonids from 1st of October till the 15th of November)
Top Seasons Salmon 1.8– 30.9 and 16.11–31.12
  Sea Trout 15.3.–30.6 and 16.11.–31.12
  Rainbow Trout According to stocking timetable (usually early 
Spring and Summer)
Duration 6 hours