Personal Coach

Personal Coach to Fly Fishing the River Kymi

Fly Fishing is one of the most respected and challenging fishing methods. Kymi Fishing can provide you a personal coach to teach you how to fly fish or to improve your casting skills. Personal coach can teach you vital skills such as how to choose yourself a well balanced fishing gear, to tye the most important knots, to choose the right fly and the succesful fishing techniques.

Our Personal Coaches are hard core pro fishermen. They have years of experience in fly fishing the River Kymi as well as other salmon rivers. They also have the latest knowledge in fishing gear as well as fishing methods.

Kymi Fishing Personal Coaches can provide their services on a part of River Kymi according to your choise. The locations available are the fly fishing are of Langinkoski flowing to the Baltic Sea, postcard gorgeous Hinttulankoski, the nearby Siikakoski, Ruhavuolle fly fishing area or the new Koivukoski private beat.

Other services such as catering and accomodation can be included in the course package.

Contact Kymi Fishing and lets make your fishing experience unforgettable!

Availability According to arrangements (spawning preservation time of 
salmonids from 1st of October till the 15th of November)
Top Seasons Salmon 1.8 – 30.9 ja 16.11 - 31.12
  Sea Trout 15.3. – 30.6 ja 16.11.- 31.12
  Rainbow Trout According to stocking timetable (usually early 
Spring and Summer)
Duration 6 hours

The course includes all the gear needed in teaching and the Personal Coach.